Living Wall

For the longest time I dreamed of creating an eating space that is both inviting and playful; one that really allows our love for the outdoors to shine. While we know that this is not our forever home, more than ever I am wanting to nest. I want our space to reflect our mindset and what Perry and I often crave---serenity, curiosity and zen-like vibes. In our last home, I was perhaps too quick to put things on the walls, so this time around, I have been very mindful of what we bring into our home.

I have always wanted to do a living a wall in our home and I became ecstatic when I discovered these planters from Woolly Pocket. The design of these planters is unreal. They took less than 10 minutes to hang up and are super easy to maintain. Take a look below to see before and after photos, what plants we used and some Pinterest photos that inspired it all.

Before photo:


It is going to take some time to have the plants grow and fill out. A lot of the plants we started from cutting leaves off our other plants in the house and letting them root. We got the other ones from a local greenhouse, Ground Cover. Eventually, our vision is that the plants will grow out to be so full, that you can't see the white of the planters anymore. Below is a list of the plants that we used:

  • Ferns: Assorted Variety
  • Ivy Variegated
  • Basic House Plant Philodendron
  • Ajuga
  • Nepthytis

This space doesn't get a lot of direct sun, so to make sure that the plants thrive, we exchanged one of our light bulbs for a grow light. We keep it on during the night and then let the natural light of the room take it's place during the day.



I have been pinning like crazy. When I saw the first photo pictured below, I scoured the Internet looking for what planters they used. It took me a while to track down Woolly Pocket. But I am so glad I did and now you don't have to search like I did!

Check out my Pinterest account for more living wall inspiration.

Other Details:

This beautiful vintage rag rug is from my new friends at Old New House. It's actually not mine. It's my friend Kim's, who just started her own interior design business called Layers and Lines. If you're in the Denver area, I highly recommend them. She has been helping me design my family room, which I hope to show you guys in the next month!


The wooden letter board is handmade by Host and Toast Studio. They come with all the letters of the alphabet so you can create your own messages on the board. It is such lovely craftsmanship and I love the playfulness it brings to the space. The quote you see in the photos comes from one of our favorite Dave Mathew Band song's You and Me. It's just so romantic.

*A huge thank you to Woolly Pocket for gifting us these planters to make our living wall dreams come true!

Photography by Brittany Renee