Master Bedroom Tour


We shoot in the master bedroom so often and it dawned on me that I have never done a full tour.

Our room isn't super big, but it has plenty of character complete with unique ledges and an on-suite bathroom.

We kept this room as simple as possible, filling the space with timeless pieces that we hope to have for forever. We wanted our room to feel inviting and minimal. I love how it came together and am excited to be sharing it with you. 


We wanted to keep the bedding light and neutral. I eventually want to add a pop of color by adding a rug, but for now, we get our texture and depth with our macrame hanging, Moroccan style wedding blanket throw pillows, and fringe bedspread.

The wooden plant hanger is a new addition from Object Modern. I just love it so much. 

This vintage turquoise waterfall dresser was bought at a consignment store down the street from us and it was made in the 1950s. On top, we have a ceramic female Buddha and a lamp from Target (base + shade).


Behind the door we have a print of one of the main streets in Oaxaca, Mexico. When Perry and I went to Oaxaca, we walked by this very same building hundreds of times.

Perry proposed to me in Oaxaca, so this print is super special. I love looking it at when I am lying on the bed. Such great memories. We hope to bring Winter there one day soon.


The ledge above the Oaxaca print stages a flourishing philodendron, a lantern that was made for us as a wedding present, a tiny world globe, and an antler from my sister that she had found while working at a dude ranch here in Colorado.

The macramé holding the donkey's tail plant was made by myself and Perry's mother (well, mostly by Perry's mother. I just sort of supervised, hehe). We hope to add more plants to the space in the future.


The newest addition to our bedroom is this southwest fertility goddess figurine that Perry's sister gave to us. I love looking at it and imagining what our second child might be like if the fertility goddess blesses us. 

I also keep the books that I am reading on the window sill. I think you can tell a lot about what stage of life a person is in by the books that they read. And while I love a good mindless book, I am really trying to read books that add to my life. It's what my soul is craving right now.

 The carousel below is shoppable, so if you see a book that interests you, you can get it by clicking on the picture.


This dresser is from West Elm. It took us a while to pull the trigger on this one because of the price, but we knew that it would stay in our house for a very long time. It is a fair-trade item made of 100% raw mango wood. It has these beautiful brass geometric inlays. Eventually, we will purchase the matching nightstand. 


A lot of artwork in the room is from Society 6. Each object on this floating shelf is super meaningful.

The lantern was given to us as a baby present which never actually made it into the nursery. The tiny cranes represent our marriage (you can read about the symbolism of why we had cranes in our wedding decor, here).

The framed photo of me was taken when I was 40 weeks pregnant with Winter. And lastly the antler, hand-painted AMOR tree rings, and crane necklace were all things that came from our wedding. I love how this tiny shelf is dedicated to our love. 


Thank you for taking the tour of our master bedroom. We couldn't thank you enough for reading the blog. 

Photography by Brittany Renee