Home: Featuring One of My Favorite Pieces in it


I remember when Perry and I bought our first home, we used our bed as the couch, ate pizza on the floor and stayed up until the wee hours of the morning beaming with glee as we talked about our future. When we moved into our first home we essentially purged or donated our every piece of furniture that we had (which was an eclectic mix of goodwill finds and Ikea) so that we could start over and buy pieces that we knew would stay in our household for many years to come. 

Although I would have loved to decorate the space with all the Pinterest collages that I had been saving, we had to be thoughtful about our purchases and save money each month to be able to afford new pieces. 

We are currently in our second home that we purchased as a married couple. There are still so many things that we would love to be able to buy for our current house, but just as we did the last home, we have been cautious and are slowly acquiring the timeless pieces that we long for into our home so we don't buy anything on impulse or break the bank for that matter. 

When I started talking to Rugs Direct, I told them that I was looking for a rug that we could use as a base layer in our living room so that we would be able to swap out the layering rug on top as we wished. I told them that I wanted something neutral but that still had an element of design to it so that we had the option to either layer a smaller rug on top or have it featured in our space by itself and still have it be able to make a statement. When they recommended the Rizzy Home line, I knew they were on the right track.

We ended up going with Rizzy Home, Ellington jute rug and it is the perfect area rug for our family. The chevron pattern gives it that pop of pattern while the mix of the beige and white hand-loomed wool and jute brings a modern look to the casual decor. It is a piece that we will treasure forever. 

Winter and I spend so many hours playing on the living room floor. I feel like this rug is beginning to take on a more personal association, reminding me of the hours we have spent building towers out of blocks, reading, doing puzzles and doing "yoga" (aka., her climbing all over me while I stretch). I can't thank Rugs Direct enough for gifting our family this timeless piece. You can see how we styled this rug HERE in our bohemian zen family room reveal. 

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Photography by Brittany Renee