16-Week Bump Update


I am so excited that I am doing these bump updates. It will be fun to go through them one day with my son or daughter. I am so thankful to Brittany, the photographer for the blog, for capturing such beautiful imagery.

We shot this at a park in Denver that has this crazy castle-like structure. I climbed up on the wall and initially wanted to stand, but I was feeling a bit dizzy, so I sat and just enjoyed the views of the park. It was really relaxing.

Baby LaRock Bump Update

How Far Along Are You?

I will be 17 weeks on Sunday. I was 17 weeks when I first felt Winter so I am hoping I can feel this baby soon.

How Do You Feel Physically? Emotionally?

Physically: I still throw up at least four times a week (which is a significant improvement by the way). The headaches are the most bothersome to me. I am hoping to see a chiropractor and see if that helps at all.
Emotionally: I feel really good. Like really good! I feel so much joy and gratitude. I feel like I am smiling and laughing all the time. It’s really good to be in this place. I have come so far since my battle with depression.

My go-to outfit right now?

Okay, since when did Amazon become the place to shop? I just bought this harem romper and I am loving it! I also love this button down, flowy dress. It comes in over 20 colors.

Any body changes?

I look at pictures of myself and can definitely see a change. My belly is starting to pop and I cannot wait until I actually look pregnant and not appear bloated (hehe). My ligament pain has subsided, which is good, but I have been incredibly dizzy for some reason (well, I am sure there is a reason)!.

Maternity Clothes?

I can no longer button my pants but I am still too small for maternity jeans. I am using the good old rubber band trick to keep my pants up or avoid pants altogether.


I am taking naps still but a lot less frequently. I snooze away with Winter maybe three times a week. At night I am sleeping well but these headaches that I wake up with are starting to get old.

What are you looking forward to?

Feeling this baby move! I cannot wait to feel those tiny flutters.

Food cravings or aversions?

I love iced tea! I do not like meat. I really need to start making myself some smoothies or something because I feel like I haven’t been great with my nutrition this time around. I still gag with a lot of foods and carbs seem to be the only major thing I can stomach.



Photography by Brittany Renee