One Bodysuit, Three Ways


Every week I will be going to your favorite stores for try-ons in effort to find pieces to add to my closet that make me feel comfortable and beautiful while pregnant. For me, this is quite a feat. So when I do find pieces that work with my growing bump now, and that will also work after pregnancy, I get rather excited. 

Today I will be showing you how to dress up the softest bodysuit I have ever laid my hands on from J Crew. And it's currently 50% off! Only $23!!!! Say what?!?!

I hope you enjoy the post! All of these pieces are non-maternity, so even if you aren't pregnant, keep viewing. These three looks are some of my favorites! *This post has affilate links.

Look One: Bodysuit + Flowy Maxi Skirt

Something about a flowy skirt is so freeing. I love that I can wear it up over my baby bump to create a bohemian vibe that is perfect for summer weather. This skirt breathes as I walk and it has pockets making it the perfect outfit for the day at the park. I also ordered this white crinkle skirt but it didn't come in the mail in time for the shoot. I think everyone should have a least one maxi skirt that they love! They can be so versatile. 


Look Two: Bodysuit + Linen Pants

I am striking out with maternity jeans left and right. I am sure I will score some good ones soon, but I guess I'm not 100% sold on the extra belly band that many of them come with. I am not ready to concede to only wear long flowy shirts so finding these drawstring linen pants were a win for me! I currently wear them over the bump but as I continue to grow, I can alternatively wear them underneath the belly. These pants come in so many colors so be sure to check them out. 


Look Three: Bodysuit + Linen Shorts

Just as with maternity jeans, I am also striking out with classic maternity jean shorts. To be honest, jean shorts aren't my thing even when I am not pregnant. I tend to gravitate towards more versatile material like linen and cotton when I buy shorts. These linen shorts are so darling. I love the side tie. I know I will be wearing these a lot! 


Photography by Brittany Renee