Hair Extensions with Elle B Salon


This past spring I tried something way out of my comfort zone and went really blonde. It was super fun and I liked the change, but as this due date starts creeping in I realized I wanted to go back to my natural color before he or she arrives. 

I have lived in Denver since 2010 and can you believe I have yet to find a stable hair stylist? Well, not anymore. I recently discovered Elle B Salon and I am over the moon with their services.

I had the opportunity to sit down with owner Lindsay and she happens to be a mom of a 2.5-year-old. We talked a lot about work-life balance and what it was like for her to build her business with a child at home. She was truly a testament to girl power and I appreciated her candidness, vulnerability and insight. 


Hair Extensions with Elle B Salon

So about the hair already, yeah? My hair is already really long but not as thick as I would have hoped. See below for the before and after photo! What a differnece, right? 





What type of extensions did you get?

So Lindsay and team decided to put in 22-inch micro link extensions from Bellami Hair Pro. What I love about the micro link extensions is that they do NOT require glue, adhesives, nor tape making the application damage free. 

Is it real hair?

My friends keep asking me if it's real hair and be assured my friends, all hair that is used by Elle B Salon is 100% ethically sourced human hair :)

How did the process work? How long did it take?

Before they died my hair, they sectioned off the bottom part and began to put the micro links in. It wasn't uncomfortable at all and the whole process took only about an hour and some change.  

Depending on length and thickness, typical application takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

After the links were in they began dying my hair using the melt technique. After they blow dried it I couldn't believe how luscious and beautiful my new head of hair felt. Everything blended so seemlessly and I am so excited to begin experimenting with chunky braids and other bohemian hairstyles. 


What do you need to do differently in terms of hair care and maintenance?

Caring for my hair hasn't felt overwhelming or high maintenance at all. Elle B put together this guide on caring for extensions that is really well thought out and easy to follow. 


To maintain my extensions I will need to go in every 4-6 weeks for a tightening. Tightening is when they move the micro links back up the hair and closer to the scalp. 

How much does it cost?

This is a tough question to answer because it can vary on so many factors. The cool thing is, Elle B Salon offers a FREE consultation where they can give you an exact price. 

Are they comfortable?

I looooove my new extensions. The first day was a little sore. It felt like I had my hair in a tight braid that I had just taken out, but other than that, I think they are super comfortable. I have worn clip in extensions before and hated how they made me feel, not to mention my husband always referred to them as rats when they were out. I felt like I was always itching the base of my head and damaging my hair putting them and taking them out. I haven't felt that way once with these extensions and have had them now for about two weeks!


Where is the salon located?

They have two locations: One in Denver and one in Lakewood. 


Thank you, Elle B Salon for giving me the hair of my dreams!

Before images: The Bande

After images: Kyla Fear Photography