A Letter to Myself: On Self-Love and Gratitude


I know it may sound weird but every so often when I write letters to Winter and Perry I also write them to myself. I find it so necessary to document where I am in each stage of life, and to be able to go back to these little letters of encouragement in order to read on the days when my self-worth is fleeting, "Terra, you are enough." I encourage you to join me and write yourself a You Are Enough letter. They can be very powerful. 

You Are Enough

Dear Terra,

I am in awe with your determination to stay grounded during this pregnancy. Your will to connect with not only this baby, Winter, Perry but also with yourself on a deep and soulful level has been at the forefront of your every intention, and you are doing a great job. 

2018 has brought significant changes, huge transitions and a lot of unknowns for you and your family and you have handled each one with grace and trust that your instincts will never misguide you. You are finding your voice, honing your passions and making a concerted effort to connect with others on a deeper level through mindfulness, transparency about life and through your willingness to be vulnerable.

Like Winter, this new baby is going to be so proud of you. You nurture yourself so that you can nurture them. You are a good person, Terra. The core of you is honest. Remember that you are worth it, you have a life worth living and to keep searching for your peace and serenity. 



Photography by Brittany Renee