Top Parenting Books + Other Resources For Raising Toddlers


The other day I was desperate for some guidance after two long days of having tantrum after tantrum with Winter.  Even though I have a background in child development and child psychology, raising your own kid can bring on doubt and insecurities. So, I asked you guys to tell me what parenting books you loved and I was blown away by the responses and insight.

This community really rocks!!!

I figured, if it helped me so much, it might help another mama or papa out there. So I have rounded up the top book recommendations tried and true by the Love & LaRock community.

Below you will find a photo collage of the most recommended books from the post.

Next, you will find another list of recommendations (that are equally just as good but didn't get as many mentions from the Love & LaRock community) along with some podcasts to listen to and websites to check out. :)

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Top 11 Parenting Books: For Small Children




  1. Unruffled Podcast by Janet Landsbury
  2. The Little Sprigs Podcast: Listen to this episode, How to Handle Your Child's Big Emotions
  3. Oprah's Soulful World: Try episode, Dr. Shefali Tsabary: Conscious Parenting Can Change the World
  4. The Longest Shortest Time


  1. Hand in Hand Parenthood Club 
  2. How Toddlers Thrive

Let me know which ones you are currently loving or wanting to check out!

Photography by Kyla Fear