Best Travel Toys for Toddlers

Well, it's official. We are going to Hawaii this summer and we couldn't be more excited. The travel day is about 10 hours from Colorado to Hawaii (including one layover). We have made several airplane trips with Winter since she has been born and have definitely learned what keeps her busy without the use of screen-time.

Take a peak at the list below to view my favorite tried and true travel toys for toddlers.

1. Let's Go Fishing: These adorable fish are easy to pack because they don't take up a lot of room. They have buttons, zippers and snaps---essentially everything you need to keep their little hands busy (plus, it's a great activity to strengthen their fine motor skills).

2. Magnet Boards: I love this Teddy Bear Emotion Magnet set. Work with your toddler on identifying emotions with this activity. I also am really loving the following dress-up sets from Melissa & Doug. Click to see the princess or fireman set. Winter loves putting the magnets on the tin (tip, I just put in about 7-10 of the bigger pieces in the tin and switch them out every so often to keep it new and exiting.) Note** These toys come with smaller pieces so be careful not to include them when you give these sets to tiny toddlers to avoid a choking hazard.

3. Mess Free Art: I was so excited when I found the Mess-Free Touch Lights and the Water Wow! toys. Both options allow your kid to get creative on a plane without the mess!

4. Reusable Stickers: Reusable stickers are so inexpensive and have saved us on long trips. Winter has decorated the window, the seat-tray, and arm rest with these stickers. They are so easy to peal on and off and can be used multiple times.

5). Finger Puppets: Winter has a slight obsession with putting things on her fingers and hands from raspberries to Little People toys to gardening gloves. These tiny finger puppets are easy to pack and are definitely entertaining when paired with animal sounds :)

6). Busy Books: While Winter loves to read, sometimes a simple picture book isn't enough to hold her attention on a long journey. I love finding books that allow your child to interact with them. Little Owl Says Goodnight has hide-and-seek interactive slide-out panels on each page.  My Big Day is a soft, fabric busy book that has an interactive activity for kids to do on each page. From learning to tell the time, brushing teeth, shoelace tying, and more. It is so much fun. My Dinosaurs! Read and Play Book is a must. It comes with six large "puzzle" pieces that you can match to its appropriate page.

7). Wooden Lace Cards: Have your child practice their "sewing" skills by threading a shoe lace through holes in a wooden shape. Wooden lace cards will keep your child entertained for awhile and also helps get those tiny wrists and fingers ready to write!

8). Wikki Sticks: These sticks are made from a combination of yarn and wax. They are bendable, malleable, reusable and very inexpensive. Use them to make your child shapes, figures and more! They also stick to all kinds of surfaces so they are perfect to stick to the lap tray on a plane.

9). Interactive Backpack: Need a place to put these fun surprises? This backpack for a girl or this one for a boy are absolutely perfect. They both have 10 to 12 child-friendly buckles in a variety of clasp styles that are designed to hold your child's attention. I mean hey, the backpack should be just as interactive as the toys that go in them, right?!

***If you are looking for a fun way to personalize your child's belongings, check out my new friends at Stuck On You. They kindly sent us the "The LaRock" stickers, that cute "Winter" bear shirt and some stickers that say "This book belongs to Winter." They have so many patterns and options!

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Photography by Brittany Renee'