Bohemian Zen Living Room

It’s been nine months since we moved into our new home and our living room is finally starting to take shape. For months this room has jokingly been called our “lobby” because it consisted of plants, a rug and Perry’s desk (he says he is the house receptionist). Our short term plan is to live in this home for a few more years, purchase another home and rent this one out so we can have two rental properties (we rented our first home out last August).

Perry and I don’t have jobs that will grant us large retirement funds, so we are investing our money into rental properties in hopes that it can help us save for our future. But the more time that goes on living in this house, the more we are realizing that we might want to be here for a longer period of time, and possibly add on a sun-room and office space to the side of the house. It’s funny how attached we are both becoming to this home.

While frustrating at times, I am really happy that we’ve taken so long to design each room. I don’t want to rush anything and when you have a vision, sometimes waiting until the right piece comes along is certainly worth it. That’s how we feel about this couch that we just got from Burrow.

Can you believe that this couch came in four large boxes, took 10 minutes to put together and didn’t require the use of tools? Watch out Ikea, they may be onto something--I mean putting together furniture without the use of tools is definitely my idea of how furniture should be assembled.

For our living room, we are going with a Bohemian Zen vibe which is a mix of our two favorite genres. While Bohemian is characterized by mixing and layering textiles, intricate global patterns and pops of strong, saturated colors, it can come across a little too busy for our taste. The Zen genre tends to be a bit more tonal or monochromatic and features natural materials like wood and sculptural greenery. While the Zen vibe is also beautiful, it is a bit too minimalistic. Hence why we settled on a combination of the two.

Below is a photo of a mockup I did when we first moved in, and later in the post, I am going to showcase a few items we either have, or have been eyeing, to give you the sense of what we’re going for when we say Bohemian Zen.

living room.jpg

What I love about this Burrow couch is not only the brilliant navy blue color but the fact that it was so easy to customize and order. It comes in several colors and you can order it as a chair, a loveseat, or with three or four sections. You also get to choose if you want high arms or low (we went with the high). The sofa is made from safe and environmentally-friendly components. The material is chemical-free, stain-free and so far, from our experience, does not collect dog hair, which a big plus when you live with a Husky. Additionally, the wood is sustainably sourced and the packaging is made from recycled materials. I literally couldn’t think of a better couch to fit our space and lifestyle. Oh wait, I forgot to add that is has a hidden USB cord (I am currently typing with my computer plugged into it).

If you're in the market for a new sofa, I highly recommend the Burrow!!

Below are some Bohemian Zen goodies for your living room (click the photo to shop each item):

Winter's Dress by Lucy & Leo

I can’t thank you enough for following along. Burrow kindly gifted our family this couch for this project. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Photography by Brittany Renee'