Things I Want to Remember about Winter at 22-Months-Old


It's all going entirely too quickly. I can't believe that in two months my sweet Winter will be two-years-old. There are so many moments during the day that I find myself begging for time to pause so that my memory has time to etch every single detail of her into my soul. I want to savor every bit of time that I have with her while she is this little. Gosh, where is that darn pause button??! Slow down, time!!

Below are the things that I just love about Winter right now:

1. Her talking! Oh that sweet little voice is constantly cracking us up. 

  • She says height for the word light
  • She says sill for silly, dir dir for dirty, suc suc for sucio (dirty in Spanish) and so so for sorry
  • She tells people to vamos (which means to come or go in Spanish). We will be in the grocery store and she will tell strangers to vamos!!
  • She says wait while putting her hand up like a stop sign
  • She firmly states, I do it, when she wants to do something on her own
  • She will yell help over and over until you pay attention to her
  • She cannot say Rio, our dogs name, to save her life. Every time she tries, her little tongue sticks out of her mouth and she says la-e-o
  • She says my oops when she drops something. She has also been known to say oh sh*t (that was definitely a parenting fail moment)
  • She asks me to say the word yoga just so that she can go into the downward dog position
  • She says uppa when she wants to be held

2. Her ability to show empathy

  • She is definitely an emotional sponge right now. Whenever she sees another child cry she gets this very concerned look on her face and says the word sad and oh no. When I dropped her stainless steal water bottle on my foot she so kindly took care of me, making sure that the ice pack stayed on my foot.

3. Her inquisitive nature

  • She continues to amaze us with her ability to concentrate when she wants to figure out how things work. Perry and I often call her our little engineer because she would rather put together and take apart her toys than play with them. We got her this scoot bike and we literally couldn't put it together for three days because she wanted to use the screw driver to screw in the nails. She once spent three days learning how to take apart a ball point pin and put it back together on her own (the thing had 7 little parts!). I even struggled to put it together. I hope she never loses her curiosity and continues to learn how the world works around her. 

4. Her bedtime/naptime routine

  • She is so funny about her routines. She needs four pacifers in her bed at all times. We don't let her have them unless she is sleeping so she takes full advantage of the time she gets with them in her crib. When we go to get her after a nap or in the morning she says, "bye wubba" (the name of her pacifier) and waves to them like they were her friends. She also only allows certain stuffed animals in her crib. She ONLY allows an owl which was her first stuffed animal given to her by my mom and her baby doll in her crib. If you try to put anything else in her crib you see her saying, "oh no bye" before chucking it over the side of the crib before she lays down. It's quite the entertainment. 

5. Her sassy side

  • Is it bad that I absolutely love her sass and fire? Her tenacity and persistence can make it challenging to raise her, but I would never trade her spirit in a million years. This astrology book that we have says the following about the day she was born, "You are lovable by nature, but a nuclear physicist couldn't explain yourself to you or others...Calling you a challenge is an understatement." Haha! So far this book has held true. She says, "no" more than I would like her to and has been known to scream, shake her head and stomp her foot all at the same time when she doesn't want to do what you ask her to do. 

6. Her favorite books

  • I can remember my favorite books as a kid. I am certain that Winter will be no different. Below is a picture collage of her favorite books right now. To shop, just click on the book (*contains affiliate links, meaning that I will make a small commission if you decide to purchase so that I may continue to write and support my family).

Photography by Brittany Renee