The Best Smart Lights For Your Home

The other day we had a genius idea to upgrade the light bulbs in our home. We have been making mini moves towards making our house "smart", so we decided to go with Sengled because they have so many varieties of niche smart home options from music, to ambiance to security. 


For our living room we decided to go with theSengled Pulse bulbs as they function as an energy efficient dimmable LED light plus they have Bluetooth speakers that you can control from your smart phone. Now we can pump up the jams in the house when we are tending to our many house plants or when we are cleaning house. What I love about them is that you're able to sync up media players such as Pandora and Spotify so the ultimate dance party of your dreams can come true. Let's just say that Prince has been on repeat around here.


We used the Sengled Element bulbs in our family room because it is the room that gets the least amount of light. These bulbs were designed to allow you to adjust the color temperature of your bulbs from Soft White to Daylight. We turn them on when shooting in there and they work perfectly, creating the soft glow of natural light. You can also set the lights to match your routine (e.g., have them turn on or off while your out of town or before you get home from work) which we use all the time. I like having the extra ease and security of being able to adjust our lights even when we aren't home. I would highly recommend them!


We chose the Sengled Twilight option for our bedroom. They are long-lasting energy efficient LED bulbs that come with this awesome 15 second dimmed light feature that stays on after the power switch is turned off, allowing for easy navigation. No more tripping over our dog. 

Winter's  Dress  c/o Jellabee | Terra's Dress c/o  Love Winnie James

Winter's Dress c/o Jellabee | Terra's Dress c/o Love Winnie James


Let me know if you have any questions about these three different types of Sengled bulbs mentioned above. Installation was a breeze and we are loving them so much. Also, check out their other products and follow along with them on Facebook and Instagram.




This post was sponsored by Sengled. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Photography by Brittany Renee