1st Trimester Must-Haves

Dress  c/o Urban Outfitters |  Sandals  c/o Comfortiva

Dress c/o Urban Outfitters | Sandals c/o Comfortiva

This first trimester kicked my bootie! With Winter, I would get nauseous but was able to curb it with a ginger chew or a cracker. This time around, I had nausea all day long. The following roundup is all the products that I have tried and liked or that were recommended by you gals on one of my Instagram posts. I figured I would put them in one place, just in case you too are experiencing the first trimester yucks! 

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1st Trimester Must-Haves

1 // No Night Sweat Pajamas: I knew that I was pregnant because immediately I started getting night sweats. They are no fun! Being woken up because you are soaked in your own sweat is the worst. I love these pajamas because they are made with night sweats in mind. Super soft and most importantly breathable. I got a pair for warmer (here) and cooler nights. (here

2 // Pregnancy Candy: I do not leave the house without something I can pop into my mouth to curb my nausea. I love Pregnancy Pops, Chimes ginger chews (Winter actually loves these too) and honey drops

3 // Sea Band: I love this brand. They make ginger gum and have these bracelets that are designed to push a pressure point on the wrist that helps with nausea. 

4 // Essential Oils: Peppermint oil helps with nausea and lavender is a great one to use to help you relax. Diffuse it or rub it on your wrists or feet for some relief. 

5 // Pregnancy Prenatals + Probiotics: It was really hard for me to get down vitamins the first several weeks of pregnancy but I know how important it is to take prenatals. If you are like me, try getting the kind you can chew (that taste like candy) until you're able to swallow the pill form. 

6 // Sparkling Water: Bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles please! I have to drink carbonated drinks on the daily. I am a Perrier girl and also recently discovered Sparkling Mama powdered mix in drink packets that help curb some of the yucks.

7 // Pregnancy Pillow: Spend a lot of time in bed nowadays? Then don't shy away from investing in a nice pregnancy pillow. Even though you may not be showing yet, it is nice to have a pillow that supports you and your growing body right from the beginning. 

8 // Pregnancy Cookbook: Eating all the carbs and wanting to include some more well-rounded meals into your diet? Then this cookbook is for you. It has received great reviews and was created with pregnant mamas in mind.

9 // Mindful Pregnancy: It is so important to stay grounded during this 9-month long journey. I love this book so much and I know you will too!

10 // Unscented Lotion: Having an aversion to smells? I would ditch the scented lotions and go for this soap and this lotion as it works wonders without the aromas. Oh, and don't forget to get some belly cream!

11 // Pink Stork: I just found out about this company and holy moly, they have got you covered. From morning sickness mist, candies, teas, probiotics, bath salts + more. You will love this line!