Spring Solution for Colds with Little Ones


Our entire family was sick in February. Coughs, stuffy nose and more. As a parent, you feel so helpless when your little one is sick, and I am always looking for natural remedies to add to your medicine cabinet. Today I am reviewing DrKids HIMASAL - Natural Nasal Saline Solution made with Himalayan Salt.

It was designed to remove all the impurities found in the nasal cavities, offering nasal irrigation relief. It works by moistening the inside of the nasal cavity to loosen and soften thick or crusty mucus.


These individually packaged, single-use containers come in two versions;  Babies and Ages 1+. What I like about them is that for each age group, the vial contains the perfect amount of solution, so there is no need to measure it out. I also love that you use a new vial each time, so you aren’t concerned with reusing a dirty bottle each time your child gets a stuffy nose. Super convenient!

Winter was a bit hesitant to let me administer the drops into her nose. To ease her hesitation, we “practiced” on her teddy bear. I even let her pretend to put a few drops into my nose to show her that it was safe. Once I gained her approval, she willingly laid down, and I administered the correct dosage in each nostril. Immediately, Winter wanted to blow her nose and a lot of mucus came out (sorry for the details, but that what happened!). She definitely looked relieved.


While Winter can blow her nose, if your little one is still learning or just a baby, DrKids HIMASAL recommends using a suction device to get all the mucus out.

Our experience with DrKids HIMASAL – Natural Saline Solution has been great. I plan to use it again when another cold hits the LaRock house. I like that the entire family can use it.

DrKids Natural Nasal Saline Solution is now available to order on Amazon (here). *This post was sponsored by DrKids HIMASAL. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Photography by Brittany Renee