3 Dress Silhouettes That You Need While Pregnant

Photo  via Pinterest

Photo via Pinterest

Yesterday on Instagram Stories, I shared three dress silhouettes that I am loving while pregnant. I am slowly building my closet full items that I can wear now while pregnant as well as afterward during the postpartum phase. I think it is so essential to be comfortable yet still feel that you're able to express your personality while pregnant. Below is a roundup categorized into the three dress silhouettes that I tried on + a few more options that I am currently loving. Happy shopping!

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Button Down: 

Button downs are so versatile because you often wear them several ways. Unbutton them completely to make a kimono or button them half way down and wear a tank and shorts underneath. Also, they are great for postpartum because of the easy access they give the baby and mom to nursing. 

Empire Waist:

I love empire waist because the typically the elastic band fits right under chest so it's nestled over your bump and wont intrude as your belly gets bigger.

Wrap Dress: 

By far the most comfortable of the three. I love a good flowy dress that still gives you definition. Wrap dresses are great becaue they can grow with you as your baby grows, making them easy to be worn throughout pregnancy and beyond. 

Stick with silhouettes that flow over belly, hips, and thighs so you feel comfortable throughout your pregnancy. Try to buy items you can see yourself wearing after the baby comes too! It's always a good idea to have items in your closet that you can wear for a long time :)