Top 6 Flower Articles To help You Make Your Floral Dreams Come True

Our last home was quickly becoming lush with greenery, flowers and a large garden. But since we moved into a new house in August, we are working with a blank slate which can be exciting but overwhelming too. As we continue to establish our landscaping plans, we have been consulting with the following resources to guide us to make our backyard dreams come true.

Just like many many other kids, Winter loves playing in the dirt. We hope to make her an integral part of the gardening process this year by letting her plant seeds and help us water. I think there is so much she can be taught through gardening such as patience, persistence, love for her environment and nature as well as the experience and satisfaction that it brings when you are are surrounded with so much beauty that you grew with your own two hands. Eek! Spring is upon us!

Because Spring is on my mind, I put together a few of my favorite floral posts below:

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Terra's Cozy Loungers c/o Hottotties
Winter's Romper c/o Rags to Raches

Photography by Brittany Renee'