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Live & LaRock Vol 1: Officially Quigley Recap

LIVE & LAROCK has officially launched and our first guest was Casey Goode, the content creator and founder of Officially Quigley.

Every month, I will be going live on my Instagram stories to interview and feature someone doing really incredible work. I will interview those who are selfless, resilient, giving and uplifting. People like Casey, who are just all around so infectious and amazing to be around.

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Before Baby Came: A Magical Record Store Adventure

My sweet grandmother was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer about a month ago. She has played such an integral role in my upbringing and I couldn’t stand not seeing her right away. So at 35 weeks and some change, Perry, Winter and I jumped on a plane to Oklahoma to see her.

We spent much of our days talking at the kitchen table, enjoying the garden outside and listening to my grandmother’s favorite records. Our time together was magic. I am so thankful I was able to get out there when I could.

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Tips on Finding the Perfect Doula

The other day I stopped off at the local greenhouse to purchase a plant for the baby’s nook in our room. I chose a string of pearls, which is one of the plants we incorporated into our wedding decor and have had ever since. It’s currently sitting on our window sill in our bedroom and I can’t wait until our sweet baby is here to enjoy it as well. The string of pearls has always symbolized the connectedness of our family and friends to each other and I know that this baby will make the best addition to our little family.

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Amazon Lately: Best Amazon Buys

Who here is an avid Amazon shopper? I know my family gets a ton of products from here and I wanted to start a new series that shows you what we purchase and use on a monthly basis. You will find a vast array of things from clothes, kitchen and houseware, health + beauty products and more. The post will cover items for the entire family! I hope you enjoy the round-up and stay tuned for next month's post!!!

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Hair Extensions with Elle B Salon

This past spring I tried something way out of my comfort zone and went really blonde. It was super fun and I liked the change, but as this due date starts creeping in I realized I wanted to go back to my natural color before he or she arrives. 

I have lived in Denver since 2010 and can you believe I have yet to find a stable hair stylist? Well, not anymore. I recently discovered Elle B Salon and I am over the moon with their services.

I had the opportunity to sit down with owner Lindsay and she happens to be a mom of a 2.5-year-old. We talked a lot about work-life balance and what it was like for her to build her business with a child at home. She was truly a testament to girl power and I appreciated her candidness, vulnerability and insight. 

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Pregnant Focused + Some Ramblings From the Heart

Hi friends,

So I wasn't sure if I was going to cover this sale or not. To be honest, there are so many other fashion/motherhood bloggers that highlight sales and daily outfits on a more consistent basis.

These bloggers have a wayyyyyyy larger and more engaged following than I do which leads me to the fun comparison game (a.k.a. thinking about how I'll never be as "good" as them so to speak).

But I have been practicing self-compassion and have to believe that I if I want to pursue something, I can do intentionally and with purpose. Who cares how many people it reaches, right? I just have to keep going. 

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Midi Skirt Perfect for Pregnancy

I am still a bit behind with blogging about all of my J Crew Sale finds. Better late than never, right? This white crinkle midi skirt is an investment piece that I welcomed into my closet with open arms. I first fell in love with the lightweight material and the fact it fits over the baby bump so well. I am wearing my regular size 4 since the elastic band allows for some stretch around the midline. Oh, did I mention that this dress has pockets!?

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One Bodysuit, Three Ways

Every week I will be going to your favorite stores for try-ons in effort to find pieces to add to my closet that make me feel comfortable and beautiful while pregnant. For me, this is quite a feat. So when I do find pieces that work with my growing bump now, and that will also work after pregnancy, I get rather excited. 

Today I will be showing you how to dress up the softest bodysuit I have ever laid my hands on from J Crew. And it's currently 50% off! Only $23!!!! Say what?!?!

I hope you enjoy the post! All of these pieces are non-maternity, so even if you aren't pregnant, keep viewing. These three looks are some of my favorites!

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3 Dress Silhouettes That You Need While Pregnant

Yesterday on Instagram Stories, I shared three dress silhouettes that I am loving while pregnant. I am slowly building my closet full items that I can wear now while pregnant as well as afterward during the postpartum phase. I think it is so essential to be comfortable yet still feel that you're able to express your personality while pregnant. Below is a roundup categorized into the three dress silhouettes that I tried on + a few more options that I am currently loving. Happy shopping!

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San Francisco Travel Guide

A few weekends ago, thanks to Alaska Airlines, I had the honor of going to San Francisco to visit my childhood best friend, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and niece. I lucked out with the weather and spent most of my time walking. I must have walked 10+ miles a day. I was so worn out after the trip, like reallyyyyyy worn out. I spent the next two days after my trip in bed with a migraine and puking! I am so grateful that I had a few good days while there!

I have left Winter maybe twice in her 2.5 years of life, so it was definitely a strange feeling to not be with her for a few days. The first day I was gone from her I found that I was craving her in a sense. I missed holding her and hearing her talk. I was, however, able to ease into the trip a little more the second day and spent the rest of the time being more present.

Below is a little recap of where I went, what I ate and places I saw. San Francisco totally stole my heart, so if you get the opportunity to visit, I highly recommend it!

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Top 12 Natural Face + Makeup Products

When I was in my 20s, I never thought twice about what I was putting on my skin. I regret buying products that may have been bad for the environment, tested on animals or used synthetic products which were terrible for my skin. I am so much more conscious of buying products that are good-for-you (meaning no bad stuff) + environmentally + socially friendly.

It's taken me a long time to find the perfect products to add to my routine, and I carefully picked out the items below because I know you will love them as much as I do.

Below is a roundup of my favorite skincare and makeup products.

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Changing Blog Directions For A Bit

This blog post is written in partnership with Comfortiva. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

I feel a shift coming. I think it’s inevitable that as your kids continue to grow older, you evaluate what is and is not working for you and your family. I mentioned this on stories a little a bit ago, but as Winter approaches the 2.5-year mark, she is becoming increasingly independent and busy, meaning she is less interested in staying still for photo ops.

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Spring Skirts (Top Maternity + Non)

You guys, I am only 15-weeks and this bump is popping. I really want to make an effort to show you how I am building my wardrobe with growing belly. I am looking for items that I can wear now and postpartum. Below is a roundup of my favorite spring skirts. I have a few that are non-maternity (just sized up and wear them either high over the bump or low and under it). I also put together maternity specific ones too!

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13-Week Bump Update

Hello, 2nd trimester and sayonara, all day nausea! I am finally starting to feel human again. I am so eager to document this pregnancy as it will likely be our last. I plan to do weekly or bi-weekly bump updates where you can find all the details on what's going on with me physically and emotionally, as well as give you some inside tips on my go-to fashion and product must-haves while growing this little bean. 

I am partnering with Comfortiva to show you a few shoes from their spring/summer line. First up, these are beautiful gladiator sandals which I will go into more detail below. So let's begin the Q & A, shall we?! Oh, and side note, this wall that says Dairy Block cracked us up because as we were shooting Perry was joking that this is going to be my nickname once my milk comes in (hehe!).

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A Metallic Skirt for Any Occasion

While I love a good basic thermal and a pair of jeans, I am really trying to incorporate pops of color and texture into my wardrobe.

I recently slipped on this pleaded metallic skirt and felt like a million bucks.

I love how versatile it is. I could comfortably wear this to a bridal shower or dress it down as I did in these pictures for a fun mid-mod inspired outing (aka. a lunch date with friends!). 

Keep scrolling for outfit details plus a little round-up that I did of some other pleated skirts that I have been eyeing. 

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