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5 Tips on Being Productive

We are a few months into life with two kids. The visitors have slowed down, the meal preparation from friends and family have dwindled and we are settling in as a family a four. Lennon spends most of his time in his bear suit (it calms him down and he loves to be outside so it keeps him extra warm) and I am starting to feel like crawling out of the newborn hibernation phase and plan little parties here and there at the house.

To be honest, I am working a lot. I have so many professional goals that if I don’t take time to pause and make plans with our friends, I feel super off-kilter and crave socialization. I am definitely one who gets energy being around others. What you see pictured is a set up from Green Box Art Culture, a company that specializes in making contemporary art and wall decor. We are so in love with the new serve wear and other accessories that we got from them. At the end of the post, I will tag exactly what you see pictured here in this post.

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Nursery Refresh Reveal with West Elm x Pottery Barn Kids

Here is a teaser of Winter's Nursery Refresh. To see all the images and details, head to the feature on heymama co.'s website (HERE!).

Welcome to Winter’s room update with the wonderful new West Elm x Pottery Barn Kids collection. These two wonderful companies recently teamed up to create a beautiful nursery line that combines West Elm’s signature mid-century style with Pottery Barn Kids’ craftsmanship. I am so eager to show you guys this new line as I know you will love every piece of it.

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5 Ways to Protect Your House: At Home & Online

The other day, our neighbor notified us that a man tried to open the front door while their daughter was sleeping in the living room. They immediately informed the police and shared an image of the man who attempted to break in. Thanks to the Logitech Circle 2 Camera they had just installed earlier in the week, they were able to capture an image of the trespasser. Talk about excellent timing!

We thought our neighborhood was relatively safe, but this particular incident got us thinking about more ways we can protect our house and family, both at home and online.

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Our Kitchen Refresh Begins

Goodbye dark kitchen! We are so excited to get started on our kitchen refresh and wanted to make sure that we brought you along with us. We bought our house in August 2016 and have been slowly adding/changing little bits to the home to make it ours. While this kitchen is completely functional and quite beautiful, we have always felt that it doesn't entirely match our aesthetic. We are hoping to go for more of a bohemian zen vibe to match the rest of the house. Think layered textures, earthly materials and artistry!

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Master Bedroom Tour

We shoot in the master bedroom so often and it dawned on me that I have never done a full tour.

Our room isn't super big, but it has plenty of character complete with unique ledges and an on-suite bathroom.

We kept this room as simple as possible, filling the space with timeless pieces that we hope to have for forever. We wanted our room to feel inviting and minimal. I love how it came together and am excited to be sharing it with you. 

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Craving Spring with Kroma Phone Cases

Although we have had a mild winter in Colorado so far, there have been a few stretches of days where we haven't seen the sun and it's been too cold to go outside.

Right around the time that February makes its way onto the front page of our calendar, I notice myself forward thinking about and craving spring; and instead of resisting it, I let the excitement set in as we start to plan out our backyard garden.

The first step in the process is to always visit our favorite greenhouse to talk to the employees and owner about design plans and soak in the beautiful sights of greenery.

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A Bohemian Christmas Decor Guide

Eek, the holidays are upon us and I loved spending my days off getting our house nice and festive for the holidays. Christmas music is playing and I have already had my first hot toddy of the season. This year, we decided to decorate two rooms, our living room, and our family room. The first room that I was so eager to decorate was our living room. I hope you enjoy the design.

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Home: Featuring One of My Favorite Pieces in it

I remember when Perry and I bought our first home, we used our bed as the couch, ate pizza on the floor and stayed up until the wee hours beaming with glee as we talked about our future. When we moved, we essentially purged or donated our every piece of furniture that we had (which was an eclectic mix of goodwill finds and Ikea) so that we could start over and buy pieces that we know would stay in our household for many years to come. 

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Bohemian Halloween Decor That Everyone Needs!

Eek! I am getting so excited about Halloween that I can hardly stand it. I feel like this is the first round of holidays that Winter can take an active part in and I plan to make each holiday as festive as possible for her.

Below is a roundup that I did on how to decorate your home to be spooky and festive, while still being able to let your bohemian vibes shine through.

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Bohemian Zen Family Room

We have lived in our house for a year now and I am excited to say that it is almost completely furnished and decorated. When we moved in, our family room (which is a converted garage) needed some TLC to truly make it ours. Perry built these shelves, and I must say, it feels like it grounds the room and frames our credenza quite well. We still have some minor tweaks and stuff that we want to add to this room, but for now it functions as the perfect space for my daughter to play in and for us adults to enjoy. We hope you like our take on a bohemian zen family room. 

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Watercolor Cactus Wallpaper

I was born and raised in Arizona. I don't know if its the desert sunsets, the shades of green found in the various types of cacti, or the mild winter time, but something about the desert has always spoken to me.

When I saw this removable wallpaper from Coloray Decor, I almost spilled my wine all over the phone while trying to zoom in on the details. It was love at first sight. It has made this living room feel so complete. The Peel&Stick adhesive made this wallpaper super easy to install. It took us about 45 minutes to get up from start to finish (including cutting out the holes for the light fixture and outlet). The best part about this wallpaper is that you can remove it and stick it somewhere else and the quality of the adhesive will remain in tack. No wall damage and no fuss!

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Top 5 Interior Designers to Follow on Instagram

I am really hoping to kick it up a notch on sharing more of my home designs with you. I have always loved patterns and textiles, but it wasn't until we bought our first home in 2014 that my love for learning about interior design and shooting ignited.

Instagram has led me to some wonderful designers out there that inspire me and push my creativity. Here are the 5 top interior designers to follow on Instagram. I know you will have a blast following along with them too:

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Living Wall

For the longest time I dreamed of creating an eating space that is both inviting and playful; one that really allows our love for the outdoors to shine. While we know that this is not our forever home, more than ever I am wanting to nest. I want our space to reflect our mindset and what Perry and I often crave---serenity, curiosity and zen-like vibes. In our last home, I was perhaps too quick to put things on the walls, so this time around, I have been very mindful of what we bring into our home.

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Hand Print Planter For Father's Day

Father’s Day is right around the corner and I wanted to do something homemade and super special for Perry. For Mother’s Day, he surprised me with this amazing plant stand out of his grandfather’s old barn wood (view the stand, here). So to keep with the theme, I knew I wanted to do something plant-related.

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Bohemian Zen Living Room

It’s been nine months since we moved into our new home and our living room is finally starting to take shape. For months this room has jokingly been called our “lobby” because it consisted of plants, a rug and Perry’s desk (he says he is the house receptionist). Our short term plan is to live in this home for a few more years, purchase another home and rent this one out so we can have two rental properties (we rented our first home out last August).

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Energy and Money Saving Hacks For The Mindful Parent

Perry and I are finally tackling the basement and going through all the boxes that we never got around to back in August when we first moved. These boxes are filled with old college memorabilia, childhood belongings, art and music supplies and quite frankly a bunch of things that we just don't use.

In my twenties, my friends would make fun of me because I was a bit of a hoarder. Meaning, I attached sentimental value to everything and kept a lot of objects that really didn't serve me. Now that I am in my early thirties, I have realized that the more stuff I have around me, the more chaotic I feel on the inside.

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How To Decorate A Bookshelf For Kids

Winter's nursery was the first and still the only room in the house that is completely decorated. It usually takes me months to put together my vision (and let's be real, months to save the money to do it) but somehow it came together quite effortlessly until I got to the bookshelves.

I don't know what it is about shelves but they always intimidate me and take me hours to figure out what the heck to put on them that's both functional and fun to look at it.

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