Top 5 Interior Designers to Follow on Instagram

I am really hoping to kick it up a notch on sharing more of my home designs with you. I have always loved patterns and textiles, but it wasn't until we bought our first home in 2014 that my love for learning about interior design and photgraphy ignited.

Instagram has led me to some wonderful designers out there that inspire me and push my creativity. Here are the 5 top interior designers to follow on Instagram. I know you will have a blast following along with them too:

  1. Carley Summers: Carley who is a photographer and interior designer in North Carolina is a gem of a human. She has turned her struggles with substance abuse into something so beautiful, a life full of faith and calming bohemian designs. Not only does she inspire others with her ability to mix and match global finds with textiles but she always sends a positive message of love, faith and light. I had the honor of featuring her when Love & LaRock was first getting started. Take a peak on her tips on home design and plants here.  
  2. Liz Kamarul: To say she is an interior innovator is an understatement. I mean come on, check out this black wall that she created using triangles! She is currently living in her retro glam renovated 1982 Winnebago RV and it is swoon worthy. She's currently in my hometown of Phoenix, so I am hoping and wishing our paths will cross soon. 
  3. Sharlene Kayne: I had the honor of featuring Sharlene (here). Since that feature, she has been dazzling us with more of her talents aside from interiors, with her art. She makes these collages out of torn handmade paper with papers from all over the world, including Nepal, India, Japan and Spain. She gets her inspiration from vintage oil painting and the results are just out of this world. I would DIE if I owned one of her Fridda collages or any other piece for that matter.
  4. Kara Evans: Oh Kara. She is one of my spirit animals. I just love the raw and realness that she brings to her feed. She lives outside of Boston in a 1700s Victorian mansion in one of the 800 square foot apartment units. She has a mid mod/bohemian feel and is true to the saying that #moreismore. I just love her to pieces and I know you will too. I also had a chance to feature her on my blog (here).
  5. Anna Smith: Anna is a local Denverite and sooooo talented. She helped me design our living room in our old house (take a peak here). Her kitchen is a dream and has been featured a few times on some pretty amazing sites like Design Sponge. She has a way of nailing the mid-modern, vintage look that is both minimal and inviting. I highly suggest following her!

I am going to do a round-up of my favorite places to shop rugs. This 1970s rag rug is from Old New House. I can't wait to style it in our family room.

If you are a designer or designer enthusiast or if you know of any other designers that might be cool to feature, please send me an email. I would love to feature you or your favorites!

Photography by Brittany Renee